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Buying a used e-bike? You should try our 'lemon check' before taking the decision

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

As you may know, a lemon electric bike has one or more defects that prevent you from riding safely. Our quick lemon check will tell you immediately if the bike is of good quality or if you need to keep looking for a better one.

Pay attention and don't be shy to ask if you have any questions!

Torsional rigidity

Grab steering and end of rear rack/top of rear tire -pushing with one arm pulling with the other. Looking at the center of the bike - is there a twist?

Fork test, axial stability

Hold front brake and wiggle bike forward/backward. Any play? Now try doing so with a non-suspended bike. The difference is marked, do u need suspension? For commuting it's good to know you also save 2.5 kg weight.

Add up your OHM’s - wh= V x Ah …

It will tell you how far will the battery take you.

How old is it? If it is too old keep in mind that buying a new battery will cost you around 1K dollars.


Check the wiring where does it run/feed (internal cabling shows better design and quality).


Is this a “staying enterprise” -a true Brick and Mortar shop? or one more looking like a “hit and run?”, Spares? / tech help/ manuals / warranty etc.


U2 “rattle and hum” music playing -shake the bike, lift and drop it. Does it feel together?

Bike it!

Bike the bike → pure pedal. Turn the bike off and try it like a normal bike. This will tell if the geometry and design of the mechanical setup are up to scratch. A good electric bike starts by being a good bike :)

Adjust it

Size and adjust rider position and comfort → can you sit here for xx hours? do not skimp on test time and rides.

If the bike passes the lemon check, you are almost ready to buy it. ALWAYS check if it comes with a charger, battery, and keys to be sure it is NOT a STOLEN BIKE.

Don't forget that we always can do the lemon check for you, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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