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48v , 18Ah battery = 864wh , 2 motors of 500w, total  1000w , 


Building on the success of the City model by the company Apollo, this is one of the best urban electric scooters on the market in its class.

It is powered by two highly efficient carbonless motors providing a power of 2x500 WWith a top speed of 50 km/h and a range of up to 60 km, the Apollo City takes you wherever you need to go!

A scooter with DNA coded for a city. Apollo City PRO 2022 is an agile urban scooter that will not let you down in any situation or weather. Compact, agile, stylish and easy to maintain. This is exactly what you would expect from a city scooter.

A city scooter at a very first glance. Everything is flawlessly tuned together so that it meets the most demanding expectations for an urban scooter. The handlebars are terminated by rubberized handles that feel very pleasant and ergonomic to the touch. There is a minimalistic and well-arranged display in the middle of the handlebars. On the left handlebar there is a rear brake lever, a thumb electronic brake, a turn signal button and a horn. The right handlebar features a front brake lever, thumb throttle, scooter on/off switch and a turn signal button. The City comes with a built-in headlight and rear indicators. The headlight is positioned high, which allows safe riding through city streets even in the dark. The bright orange rear indicators give a clear indication of the intended direction of travel. Everything is clearly visible both during the day and at night. The single downside being that the turn signals are only at the back, which means that the oncoming drivers do not see whether you are turning or not. With these tires, the traction is very good at any angle. The scooter has a high-quality rubberized deck that is easy to maintain clean. It is long enough to accommodate both legs and also provides you with a well-sized and angled footrest for more standing room. When looking at the overall quality of this scooter, there is no better test than real-world conditions. The people at Apollo followed the feedback from riders and used it to develop the new City model.

Apollo City Pro Dual 50km/h

$2,899.00 Regular Price
$2,649.00Sale Price