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QUALITY 20'' low step cadence sensing with optional throttle control as standard.   


The ebike has a low entry, an integrated battery (removable), a beautiful design and is full of novelties. The Comfort III is equipped with a brake light, USB port in the display (useful for navigation), throttle for variable power assistance,  CADENCE  sensor for natural cycling behavior,


 36V 13AH Panasonic battery (high Energy density) with a range of over 50 km in the highest support level. The lithium battery is integrated into the frame for optimal weight distribution and can be charged both inside and outside the frame.


The Hub motor is powerful and is mounted on the rear wheel. This gives a good grip and minimal noise pollution.


Thick disc brakes that brake well (also downhill), a display with a USB port so that you can also use your smartphone on the handlebars (for navigation, for example), foldable pedals, and a detachable battery.


We have also greatly improved the lighting on the F23 The front and rear lamp are connected to the battery and the front lamp provides a strong beam (good visibility in the dark). The rear light is equipped with a brake light so that vehicles behind can see when the brakes are applied (extra safety).


A new type of front fork -a single suspension in the center of the front fork. The big advantage of this type of suspension is that the front fork does eliminate vibrations but that the natural steering behavior is retained. A double suspension has the tendency to spring when braking and this is often experienced as unnatural steering behavior (less pleasant).


Additional options

- We can assemble the F-23 with an AXA solid pro lock with a plug-in chain.

- In terms of the saddle, you can choose an extra comfortable saddle (a gel saddle with extra suspension) or an exclusive Italian design leather saddle that gives the ebike even more appearance.

- As extra security, we can provide the bicycle with a GPS tracker with which you can follow the bicycle. We can also put a bicycle alarm on it. You can turn this on with a transmitter and if the bike starts moving, the alarm will go off.



  • Strong folding frame with low entry (aluminum)
  • Force sensor for natural cycling behavior and extra safety
  • Throttle (easy to start/accelerate) 4 support levels
  • LCD display with USB port
  • Suspension fork (aluminum)
  • Mechanical disc brakes (good braking in all conditions)
  • Front and rear light with brake function connected to the battery
  • Choice of 7 gears or mono drive
  • Powerful 36V 13AH Lithium battery (Panasonic) with 90 KM range
  • Handlebars can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically
  • 20-inch aluminum rims with a double housing
  • Net weight: 19KG
  • Max. carrying weight: 120KG
  • Very completely assembled
  • Compact to fold 80cm x 45cm x 70cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions unfolded 160cm x 30cm x 80cm (LxWxH)
  • 2-year guarantee

ONYA F-23 step through folding 45km/h assisted (19kg) 300W Motor

$2,890.00 Regular Price
$2,350.00Sale Price
    • puncture proof tyres
    • load capacity 130kg
    • marine cabling, outside storage is permitted
    • GPS tracker enabled ($229 ) -real time and geo fence
    • uni-sex and sized for riders from 140cm to 180cm
    • short travel front suspension standard feature
    • mudguards and kickstand std. fitting
    • smartcharger and lockable battery compartiment
    • integrated front and rear hi-wiz lights
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