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FANTASTIC SEVEN DAYS CITY, The new concept of “urban-bicycles”.


The first FAT electric bicycle in the world that allow you to have comparable performance to those of a sport bicycle version but that, in the city environment, turns into a tireless grinder kilometer.
It distinguishes itself with an exclusive and contemporary look, branded Fantic, with some elegant details to the past, embellished with structural elements that allow it to be aesthetically characterized and reinforced to overcome the many traps of traffic and road.

The German Brose engine, the world’s leading car electric motor, German BMZ batteries with 2 years warranty, SRAM transmission and Italian finishes make Seven Days Città a reliable companion for your daily adventures.

It’s already equipped with a series of front and rear lights. It’s ready to ride in the traffic, night and day.


Now with Fantic can SHOW YOUR STYLE, even by bicycle.

Fantic Seven Days City 630Wh

$6,999.00 Regular Price
$6,750.00Sale Price
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