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Joseph Nelson is a kiwi auto/motorbike designer who came up with the idea to make a fully electric vehicle while working at a German auto design consultancy. With just a year, some opportunity and tenacity to get a complex, highly technological machine together, he found business partners and investors and moved into mass production.

The array of features offers an all-new way to team up with your personal transport:

  • GPS out of the box
  • smartphone app-connected
  • self diagnosing
  • regenerative braking
  • charges from a wall outlet and battery is easily removable
  • proprietary battery management system for longevity and thermal stability
  •  80km range with the single battery* ( they say 150km ...but no we live on vulcanic terrain and weigh near as much as any rugby player ) 
  • two year warranty

NO motorcycle liscense required - and no yearly WOF 


Worldwide the Niu scooters have cumulatively travelled over 1 billion km, on this metric and sales numbers they are the #1 selling smart electric scooter worldwide.

Easily the most exciting and significant innovation in the two-wheeled space and we think you deserve one. 

Top speed limited to 50km/h to meet the moped class regulations. The battery holds Panasonic's famed 18650 cells and the pack is a 60V, 35AH unit. You can add up to two more of these packs to the bike.

Four gloss pearl colours available: black, white, blue and red. Two matte colours have been added to the lineup too, Dusk Grey and Midnight Black.

pre loved Niu Bosch scooter Moped

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