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Danish design and flair. 


Finally, an electric assist bike in complete quality.


With efficient hydraulic disc brakes, you have full control of the bike all the time.When bench marking our IDEAL specification we realized...  Other Cargo bikes still use Drum brakes or simple v-brakes. 

Both front wheels are protected by heavy bumper, which can also be used as a step when the children themselves climb into the box.

Di2 -Automatic Transmission means you'll allways ride in the perfect gear - and pick up any hill, as had you barely stopped. 

The bike frame is made of stainless steel and almost all components are made of stainless steel so that your bike is for life. 


Motor : SHIMANO STEPS engine unit DU-E6002 32 km / h, 60Nm

Battery: SHIMANO STEPS BT-E6010Capacity 418 Wh (36 V, 11.6 Ah)

Battery life: 1,000 charges without significant power loss Charging: 80% after 2 hours / 6 hours from 0% to 100%



Drivetrain: SHIMANO Alfine 8 (optional DI2 with electronic gear shift) 

Chain: KMC Z1X Stainless steel


Wheels and tires: 

FRONT TIRES: 20 x 1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Bag

REAR TIRE: 26 x 1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Wheel RYDE Andra 40



FRONT: Tektro HD-T525 Hydraulic Twin System Ø 160 mm

REAR: Tektro HD-T530 Hydraulic system Ø 160 mm washers Lights



FRONT: Spanninga Axendo 40 LUX

BACK: Supernova E3 Tail light




Siigar Di2 -e-steps electric cargo bike in stainless steel

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