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Before the UBCO2x2 we had the Stealth from Oz. Rwd only - but masses of power. Good suspension, and generally an impressive drivetrain with Maguira brakes and a very intuitive 9 speed gearbox...even if it does feel weird to pedal at 68 km/h . The Factory support is good - and for fun not much comes close. The B52 is the most powerful thing on two wheels with an electric motor, it comes with a soft start option for us mere mortals, but flick it into full and youll be going from 0-80kmph in 2 seconds!

Stealth B-52

  • Top Speed: 80km/h (50mph)
    Range: up to 100 km (60 miles)
    Noise @ 50km/h: 65dB

    Peak Power: 5.2kW 
    Battery Capacity : 2.0kWh
    Recharge Time : 3 hours
    Charge: 110-240V wall outlet



    Front Travel (DNM): 200mm – Standard
    Front Travel (MRP): 200mm – Upgrade
    Rear Travel (DNM): 250mm


    Magura MT5 – Standard
    Magura MT7 – Upgrade

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