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Stealth F-37
Weighing in at 35kg, compared with the more meaty 53kg of the B52, is propelled by a 3.7kW motor, this lighter and more agile version of the Stealth collection will have you climbing up hills faster than you can say "is this actually still a bike?". With ergonomics modeled for ultimate maneuverability, the rider is always in control on any trail, keeping grip where it matters most.

Stealth F-37

  • Top Speed: 60km/h

    Range: Up to 100km
    Peak Power:3,700 Watts

    Recharge time: 2 hours

    Transmission: 2 speed bottom bracket

    Suspension: Front 200mm, Rear 200mm



    Magura MT5 – Standard
    Magura MT7 – Upgrade

    Regenerative Braking System – Standard


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