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Anei... Christian Hoff-Nielsen

Chris is the creative visionary who spearheads our mission to get more people rolling on 2 wheels, taking up less space on the roads, and LOVING it.  He brings more than 30 years experience as an automotive design engineer and a seriously savvy business head into the mix.  

SUPER-POWER:    Being ca. 5yrs ahead of the market (yep, validated)

WEAKNESS:          Chocolate

Anei... Kenny Gill

Kenny hails from New Delhi, India and has got to be hands down one of the NICEST guys working in the industry we’ve ever met. He’s REALLY good with people. As in u can be having a gawd-awful day and this guy will just make you smile and move right along. He comes from a strong legal background, a Specialized lawyer in Intellectual Property Laws,
He’s great at:

  • Formidable leadership (yep, seen that), 

  • Developing effective business strategies.

  • Filing law suits! (....glad he's on our side!)


FAVOURITE FOOD: Rajma Chawal (Red kidney beans curry with rice)

FUN FACT: He was the shortest national basketball player ever! 

Anei... Amandeep "Aman" Singh

Aman is one of the sweetest souls you can ever hope to meet.  We had to introduce a ‘sarcasm box’ when he first arrived, in order for the rest of us (Chris) to curb sarcastic humour in favour of the straight-talking, ‘speak-my-truth’, language with which Aman was raised in his native Jagraon - a very small town in the heart of punjab (North India).

He is our Guru on all matters electrical, be they BOSCH, Shimano, Dapu, Bafang et al.  Aman is pre-conditioned to (lit.) bend over backwards to solve a (technical) problem. He can’t help it.  What’s more: he will download you with all the (gory) details if you ask him. Again, he can’t help it. He is just born lovely.


Anei... Eloise

Eloise is a certified bike nerd, she showed up in our Devonport shop when she was only 17 years old and told us how she built an electric skateboard at home. We immediately noticed her potential and invited her to join our team, she has been working with us for the last 3 summers.


Eloise is studying to be a Mechatronics Engineer, that is why she enjoys talking about bikes and electric transports all day! 


SUPER-POWER: She can teach anyone how to ride a bike.

Anei... Lucia Goncalves

Lucia is our Marketing person and part of our Queenstown Team. She hails from Uruguay but has been living in Queenstown for more than 5 years so she is a local! Ask her for any advice about the region, places to visit by bike, things to do, the best restaurants and pubs, she will be very glad to help you.


You will probably find her behind the computer but once she sees you, she will be very excited to talk!


SUPER-POWER: Organization! You won't find anything out of place in the Queenstown shop.

Anei... Alejo 'Alo' Villasana

Alo can see colours and shadows everywhere. He’s our graphic creative and also one of the marketing crew. Operating at the sweet spot between art and sustainability to craft an inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narrative both online and in real life.

After travelling for many years, he's now settled on Waiheke Island where he’s a pro hiring out e-bikes. Big or small groups, he will receive with a smile everyone coming to explore the island, give away maps and exchange secret spots for coffee .. OAT FW, please ;)

Also a sportsman... Since 2016, he has been representing the island football team as a player, coach, committee member and supporter. 

Once he's off-land, he will be in the water... surfing.


LIFE GOAL: Living 100% off-grid

SUPERPOWER: Endless curiosity

Anei... Mikaila Dednam

Mikaila moved to New Zealand from South Africa with her family and joined our team just before the first Covid-19 lockdown. Since then she has been enjoying learning about bikes and hanging out with the team.


She loves interacting with clients, helping and sharing her knowledge! Mikaila is looking forward to starting University in 2021 and becoming a Nutritionist. 


SUPER-POWER: Expert in making people smile :) 

Anei... Cees Van Heemert

Bio coming soon... Yep, will come. 

Anei... Brad

Brad is our apprentice mechanic and electrical engineer, following Aman closely and learning all things electrical. He is studying to be a theatre technician and loves customizing the electronics on bikes and will make sure your bike is working exactly how you want it.​​