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Fully Compatible With Latest Bosch Update Which Increases Torque To 85NM

Bosch 2016 thru to 2022 Bosch eBike Tuning & Unlock Chip for eBikes with the 625WH Battery
Also Suits : 2022 Models that do not have the brand new Bosch Smart System fitted.

The Advanced Bosch eBike tuning chip with built-in bluetooth offers all the same features of the Standard chip – plus an APP (Eplus Tuning) that allows you to customize the power characteristics of the drive motor, based on the type of riding you do. You can customize both the speed and the style of power delivery according to your requirements.

Eplus have designed pre-set mappings from which you can choose through the APP for: Eco, Urban, Touring, Enduro, Trail and Race modes.

You can also create your own custom performance maps using the APP.

The Advanced chip is designed for Bosch 2016-2022 eBike’s in order to remove the speed limit of the engine set at 25 Km/h and consequently to maintain the assistance up to 75 Km/h, fully exploiting the performance that the engine can provide.

Installation is plug and play and takes place in a few minutes without any opening of the eBike drive motor.

With the Advanced Chip Eplus Tuning APP you can choose any of the following speeds: 25 Km/h – 35 Km/h – 50 Km/h or 75 Km/h.

The APP also shows your battery %, your own pedaling power and the engine power in watts.

The APP also offers an immoblizer feature to lock out your bike to prevent theft.

The APP also features a new GHOST mode, which allows the CHIP only to be activated or deactivated using the APP.


The Bosch speed unlock chip completes a special compensation procedure at the end of each ride that allows the chip to remain undetectable to the Bosch tamper detection software. By allowing this countdown to complete at the end of each ride the 504 error can be avoided. The compensation begins after the bike is idle for approximately 5-8 Minutes so once you have a chip installed the best thing to do is to simply NEVER TURN OFF the bike at the end of your ride and let the bike turn itself off after sitting idle for 10-15 Minutes. Please watch our video on the Focus Jam2 Below to see how this works.


The unlocking of the engine at 25 km/h is activated by pressing the walk button or by using the APP.  The speedometer will always show the real speed. You can activate/deactivate the unlocker using the walk button that is the factory setting; you can change this choice within the mobile app to another button.

Compatible With Purion, Kiox, Nyon, Smart Hub and Intuvia Displays


· All data on your display will be shown correctly (current speed, average and maximum-speed, distance etc.) Even if the tuning is activated.

· Automatic calibration wheel circumference.

Below are links to many videos showing installation on a range of bikes.

If you have any questions or concerns about using or installing this CHIP, please feel free to contact us on our new Unlocking HOTLINE 1800 422 832.


Trek Powerfly 4

Cannondale Moterra 

Haibike Xduro AllMtn

Nicolai G1 EBoxx

Kona Remote Control

Townie Go (Bosch Gen 3) 

Trek Rail 7 

Trek Rail 9 

Bosch Advanced Speed Unlocker Chip

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