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The world’s most advanced and yet simple cargo bike is hand built in the middle of Copenhagen.
At Butchers & Bicycles we challenge the perception of what you can do with a cargo bike. Traditionally, three-wheeled cargo bikes have solved many of the everyday tasks very well, but they have never been associated with great driving pleasure. We have set out to do something about this, simply because we love cycling.
Based in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen - hence the name Butchers & Bicycles - we (three design engineers) have developed the Mk1 cargo bike for anyone who need the space and opportunities of a cargo bike, but do not wish compromise on the joy of cycling.
The result is at once fairly advanced and very simple. On Mk1 you lean into the turn in the same, intuitive way that you are used to from your normal two-wheeled bikes. With the Mk1, you will experience an intuitive, easy and stabile riding as you know it from regular bikes - quite naturally.

Please contact us to request latest price -as Currency fluctuations can vary RRP / Transport from Denmark and Euro purchase price. 

Butchers & Bicycles Mk1-e NEW Model

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