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Our little one – small but fast! Easy to fold within a few seconds. Carry your E-Bike in your boot and go for a ride. Also your perfect motor home companion. Sturdy integrated carrier and comfortable riding position. Low step-over frame.


+$240 -576wh 

19Ah = $2810

24Ah = $3160

Available in: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Lime Green and Magenta


Our Robin+ folding e-bike has a unique frame - stretched and with integrated carrier. It rides very stable for its small size and can be also taken on all rail trails. Thick MTB style tires, a solid and quality front suspension, paired with a powerful motor makes it a pleasure to ride this bike.

SmartRide Technology: New in the plus models is the integrated torque sensor, which makes the ride much smoother, taking away the surges which can happen with traditional pedal-assist systems. Especially suitable for riders with hesitations to get on an e-bike as it takes away the scary parts.

Our Robin has a longer wheelbase compared to most other folding bikes - this gives this bike a superior stability on and off-road. Our improved sine-wave motor controller will ensure a soft, but still powerful motor operation, you will be astonished how powerful this little bike can boost you up a hill. The adjustable stem and seat post allows even taller riders to find a comfortable riding position. Equipped with a seat, praised for its comfort, adds to the positive riding experience. All wires and cables are protected and run in the down tube, this is important as cables can be easily damaged during transport.

It takes only a few seconds to fold down and even fits in all small hatchbacks.

There is no other folding e-bike on the market in NZ with similar features for this price.

Evinci Robin+ Folding E-Bike - 468wh Torque sensing and more !

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