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For 2019/2020 Winter Season a new entry into the road/commuter cyclist segment is available in the form of the Atlas 500 Road. The Atlas 500 Road features a lightweight, streamlined design with an integrated 12Wh USB rechargeable battery.

An ambient light sensor comes standard with the Atlas 500 Road. The ambient light sensor detects the amount of daylight available and automatically adjusts the brightness intensity for a care-free cycling experience. The handlebar mounted Atlas 500 Road comes has an optimized road specific beam pattern with a vertical cutoff. The vertical cutoff prevents glare for oncoming motorists.


Brightness: 500 Lumens
Power: 3 Watts
Runtime: 4 hours
Battery: 12Wh integrated Li-ion
Weight: 100g with battery
Mounting: Handlebar
LED Battery Indicator: Yes
USB Rechargeable: Yes
Ambient Light Sensor: Yes
Beam Angle: 35� with vertical cutof

Gemini Lights Atlas 500 Road

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