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Over the last 2 years, our team has worked on countless systems from all over the world. Lots of trials - and heaps of errors.


We thought this would be easy - but Bosch, Shimano and all Install Protocols and systems barricading and hindering outside development. Just like Apple does with their Apps/Store. 


  • Our device is ultra-light power in power use, and it does not trigger an error code when draining the battery, nor does it mark an error in any transmission system.
  • it also only triggers when the bike is used, therefore it will never drain the battery.
  • It has a separate buffer battery that continues tracking for an additional 4-5 hours, allowing you to see if the bike is being moved by car to a new location.
  • it also stores past routes. 
  • it has a geofencing function - alerting you via text when crossed 


For now, this price is an all-in price including fitting. Please, don't ask us where we fit it or how! Enough is said that it is super small and it could be installed inside your battery, inside your frame, or any other hidden place.


The only thing you will need is a sim subscription. Our 2Degrees friends are offering it for only $4.77 a month (plus GST) to Bikes & Beyond customers.


To keep track of your bike you will also need to download the Cloud Online FREE App.


Bikes & Beyond GPS Tracker 3 or 4G - std NZ sim -

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