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Danish Design

A new concept, as you buy the sidecar separately.

It can be attached to 80% of bicycles on the market.

Keep in closer contact with your passenger while riding.



Extremely light-weight construction

Easily mounted to your bike in under 30 seconds.

Pivot bearing, allowing for a smooth ride.



Built-in shaped runners, making an ideal sleigh or “pulk”.

Simply attach draw-bars and a harness in order to go on amazing trips in the snow.


Our sidecar fits 80% of bikes on the market. However, there are certain conditions that must be met before a sidecar can be mounted on a bicycle.

How to determine which mounting bracket fits your bike.

If the length of the chainstay is over 44 cm, (17,3”) you need a long bracket.if under 44 cm, a short bracket.

Sidecar Specifications

The sidecar has been designed with a focus on lightness, which in turn enhances the bike riding experience.

It is without a doubt the lightest cargo bike on the market today.



Width between wheels75 cm (29,5 inches)
Total length of sidecar120 cm (47,2 inches)
Wheel size20″
Weight as sleighApprox. 7,9 kg (17,4 Ibs)



The width between the wheels can be adjusted, in order to allow for the individual fitting of each bicycle, which then determines the distance between the bicycle and the sidecar.

Therefore, the width of 75cm (29,5 inches) illustrated on the drawings is only an average measurement.



Mounting: brackets Aluminium
SeatImitation leather 
Weight of sidecar incl. frameApprox. 11,9 kg (26,2 Ibs)
Maximum load45 kg (99 Ibs)

Scandinavian Sidecar

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