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Check out Chris Hoff-Nielsen talking about Riding E-Bikes on EVTalk:


With its Battery Ideally placed on the Rear carrier the MID-city is hard to beat. 

Did we surprise you the reader there ? Did you want a battery in the center because that ''seemed '' the best position ? 

Contemplate this equation before you dismiss our talk. As a rider, on a bicycle you can assume a minimum weight of 100kg ( for some of us a bit more :) -but that does not alter the reasoning anyway ) . 

If we then take the battery - an ultralight one from Samsung / Smartmotion which weighs in at say 3kg , it would mean we move a total of 3% mass either from in front of the saddle - as the '' internet '' prefers. 

Or behind the saddle - on the rack which we say is just as good . Frankly as you can see from the above it makes absolutely no difference where the battery is placed ....  new batteries are so light in relation to the upper body of the rider that if anything we think of the battery at the rear as advantageous; 

  • big carrier for panniers , child seats, housing smart LED lights etc. 
  • easy to upgrade range - battery capacities of 21 ah now - maybe 30 ah in the near future . 
  • low low entry step - the battery is not in your way.  

Bosch are perceived as the leaders , and in some ways they are . And they are also kings in the land of marketing - COCA Cola Managers are learning a thing or two here. We believe the motor unit here developed in partnership with Smartmotion is as good as any Bosch midrive - for starters it weighs 50% less. And cost 50% less too .....

As ever test rides are free and nearly obligatory when u visit our stores :) so why dont u come see for yourselves . 

colors ; Black, Blue as the sky , red , And White all with a range beyond 100km even on thottle and max laziness setting .  

Smartmotion Mid-City centre-drive at a new comfort level-up to 21ah/760wh

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