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The Go-anywhere LANDROVER of eBikes has landed. The smart visionairies @ Smartmotion have made an Ultralow , rugged, and practical mid-drive. 

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It features all you'd want - up to 150km range, speedpedelec performance ( 40-45 km/h ) , comfort, and Torque sensing throttle choice ! - and upmost reliability. 

And its 100% NZ developed , designed and all .


If You are worried about the Battery on the rack - then we ask you to consider the following; Say we have 25kg bike and 75 kg rider. A road package weighing in total 100kg ( or more if like us you like cakes :)) . Its frankly irrelevant where we position the 3kg battery ...for as long as its not hanging OVER the rear axle - so that we could expect a pendulum effect. 

Some years ago - or with cheaper battery cells the weights and volume of the cell / battery packs the effect of the weights and size could be felt - but not today. We'd even go afar as to say placing the cell pack at the back is the best ; reason 1 being we can have 21 ah / 800wh battery ....and we can easily upgrade/ alter the shape and size in future should we wish. Simply we have not got a dedicate frame cradle for the battery .  

Colors - SAND and the ARMY green. 

For less rugged see the Mid-city :) 

Smartmotion X-City mid-drive max comfort up to 756Wh

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