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The Stealth P-7 will turn your daily commute into a fast, efficient and heart pumping adventure. Getting to work can now become part of your daily fitness routine and give you more time to do the things you enjoy. For those who like to spend more time in the saddle, the P-7’s upgraded long range battery will allow riders to reach up to 150km / 100 mile range as a pedelec, making sure you get to where you’re going and back again.


  • Top Speed: 25km/hr Aust & Europe / 20 mph USA
  • Range: Standard – 100km / 60 miles, Long Range – 150km / 100 miles
  • Power: 250W Aust & Europe / 500W USA
  • Front Suspension: 180mm
  • Rear Suspension: 120mm
  • Weight: 29kg / 63lbs

Stealth P-7

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