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Here is one We've been waiting for. We've driven the Original FRX Prototypes - And they were just over anything - fantastic Quality of design - just pure Gorgeous. 

With Covid the whole process had to be looked upon - and now we understand the fantastic team at UBCO are looking at a new ...even better version to come out this Year 2023 


Hence why the price ... the specs everything is not known. 

We have handed back the 20 odd depsoits we took in 2020 :) 


The UBCO FRX1 Trail Bike is built for extreme off-road riding, whether you’re shredding the trail, climbing uphill, or taking on the local tracks. With the freedom of a mountain bike and the exhilaration of a motocross bike, FRX1 is all about fun.

Weighing in at only 132lbs, the bike is built on a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that makes no compromises on robustness or durability. The liquid-cooled brushless motor delivers a top speed of 50mph. A twist throttle and no clutch means engaging all this power is instantaneous. Access massive torque while maintaining bulletproof low-speed control.

The beauty of electric is the low environmental impact, but the FRX1 finds the advantage in performance as well. maximum range of 62 miles and can be recharged in six hours using a standard socket. For a longer ride, look to the fully adjustable regenerative braking system for up to 10% increased battery capacity. And for additional control, count on the immediate reaction of front and rear 4 pot hydraulic brakes.

Prepare to push yourself and the limits of your riding further with the all new FRX1 Electric Trail Bike. Go where others don’t, and go there faster.

UBCO FRX1- New Version( 2023 )in the making STAY tuned

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