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Wisper - Uk Based is kinda the grandaddy of ebike Designers having been around since 2005 ...

And here in NZ they been represented all along - we still have customers riding bikes from them purchased over 10 yrs ago. That says a lot about the inherrent quality of the product. 

Their NEW bike is based around an amazing mid-motor - developed in house. At 100Nm / or 125 NM in top spec that goes well beyond what BOSCH or Shimano can muster. So the Wayfarer is set to 'fly' over and above our volcanos. 

You can specify batteries from 12 to 19Ah ( 700 wh) - and even the level of OFF road you intend to roar onto. 

Several colors - and front loading cargo tray as optional xtra. 

Available later than planned due to Covid - but call us for ETA 

Price is Indicative - only massive battery options left as per end august 2020

Below some write ups

Wisper Wayfarer Midmotor Ltd. stock 19Ah

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