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Basic Bike Service

Recommended every 3-6mths .

  • 1 hour
  • $75 plus parts
  • In Store

Service Description

+Quick wipe down of frame and wheels + Gears: -Align rear derailleur/hangar -Lubricate chain and wipe -Tension gear cable and adjust limit screws +Brakes: -Adjust pads, calliper, return spring, cable tension +Wheels: -Check tyres for wear and inflate to correct pressure +Bearings: -Check axle bearings for adjustment -Check bottom bracket for adjustment and wear -Check headset for adjustment and wear +Test ride bicycle to ensure correct operation NB- while we endeavour and strive to finish on the day , we often find '' additional'' items needing attention. Its therefore our practice to keep you informed of progress via txt ( hence keep phones on:) ). From August 2020 our new Newmarket shop will offer Courtesy / Loan Bikes as per Devonport and Waiheke stores - Meaning we keep you mobile while your bike is getting fixed - Yihaaa . On a side note - no news means we still busy ...and that xtra time is necessary. Post Civid Auntie Jacinda has told us all to get on our bikes ( YES ) which has meant our workload has tripled. And so it has for our suppliers who now are playing catch up with their distribution chain , having had factories closed for 4 months in some areas.

Contact Details


E-bike shop 53B Davis Crescent, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

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