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How often should I have my bike serviced?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

bike service

The most frequent question we receive from our customers is, when should I get my bike serviced? And the answer we always give to them is, it will depend on how often you ride your bike.

If you just bought your new bike (either e-bike or pure pedal) we recommend you to service it after 3 months of riding or after 250 km, whatever comes first. It is very important to have those initial adjustments done because when your bike is first assembled the new parts take some time and riding to get to know each other.

If you have your bike for a longer time, we encourage you to get it serviced every 6 months if you are a “regular” rider (daily commuters) or every 12 months if you are a “light” rider (occasional rides).

Not riding a bike can also lead to issues. Some bikes need servicing if they have been stood for a while.

Remember to always get your service done by a professional, we are happy to provide advice over the phone or in-person about what bike servicing and maintenance you might need for your bike.

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