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How should I look after my e-bike battery over winter?

battery care over winter

Even If you are the kind of rider that still uses the e-bike every day in winter, or the one who storages it until spring, there are some basic cares that you should give to your battery. Especially if you live in a chill place!

As you might know, most e-bikes use Lithium batteries and extreme temperatures can have a significant effect on them. It can be recurrent to find that you get less range from a single charge over the winter than you would in the spring or summer. However, the effect can be reduced by following some tips.

1- Store your battery inside

If you use to leave your e-bike in the garage or even outside, where temperatures can be below 10°C, we highly recommend removing the battery from the bike and storing it inside during the coldest months.

2- Keep it charged

Even if you will be using the e-bike every day, it is preferable if you leave it charged.

If you know that you will not use it until spring or you are leaving home for a long period, charge it up to 70% full and remember to recharge it every six months.

Before using it for the first time after a long period, charge it to 100% full.

3- Charge it inside

Probably this is something unthinkable for you, but charging the battery in a cold environment can reduce its range. If you charge it at room temperature its range will be normal again.

4- Warm your battery before charging it

If you have been riding in cold weather remember to warm up your battery before charging it. Take it inside and wait for a couple of hours to plug it.

Charging it when it is still cold can reduce the lifespan of the battery.

We hope that with these tips you can extend the useful life of your battery and ride safely during the winter!

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